We Were Flying to Chicago: Stories (Catapult)


“The Point” (StoryQuarterly)

“Thomas Falls” (TINGE Magazine)

“Errand” (South Dakota Review)

“This Is the Future” (Broadkill Review)

“Strawberries” (The Howler Project)

“Pause Game” (Ruminate)

“Assassin” (failbetter)

“Cowboys in Missouri” (Joyland)

“Medium” (Puerto del Sol)

“What Andrea Knew That Her Mother Didn’t” (Confrontation)

“Alligator” (Chapter House)

“Yellow Light, Green Light” (Terrain)

“A1A” (J Journal)

“Margaret” (Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal at Washington College)

“The Moms” (New Orleans Review)

“The Girlfriend Who Locks Doors” (Quarterly West)

“The White Ball” (Don’t Take Pictures)

“Ella” (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

“On the Highway near Fairfield, Connecticut” (The Airship)

“Funeral” (Greensboro Review)

“Brendan and The D” (Natural Bridge)

“Puritan Hotel, Boston” (Baltimore Review)

“Isabelle and Colleen” (Gettysburg Review)

“The Third Prophet of Wyaconda” (Puerto Del Sol)

“Charleston for Breakfast” (Puerto Del Sol)

“Puritan Hotel, Barnstable” (Madison Review)


“My Neighbor from Hell” (Salon)

“The Art of the Sentence: Denis Johnson” (Tin House)

“Teaching the ‘Law and Order’ Short Story” (The Millions)

“Who Owns Walt Whitman” (The Airship)

“Teaching—Not Prescribing—Twain and Ellison” (Academic Exchange Quarterly)


“Stopping Time in The Red Menace” (From the Word to the Place)

“Trespassers” (Voices from the Plains, Vol. 3)

“Sant’Elia’s Invisible Cities” (Futurismo: Impact and Legacy)


Concurrence (UNO Fine Arts Press)